Sunday Mornings


Go for the girl you see on Sunday morning

Gliding down the empty streets

Birds’ harmonies guiding her every step


Go for that girl

Because she has arisen before most, taking her day by the reigns

Showing the day that it’s hers; carpe diem


As the glimpse of sunshine is peering through dull clouds

They will soon be whisked away as day appears


Go for that girl

Because she enjoys the silence, she is not one to be bargained with

She knows that silence is sometimes an answer, as words are less than a penny


Not a soul in sight on this chill daybreak

As she lets her thoughts fill her visions


Go for that girl

Because she is content with solidarity yet not saddened when the sun isn’t out to play

For she solaces in days reminding her of her own sun that was once beaten down


Few people wandering the streets, yet she owns her path

Not anyone to flood her way


Go for that girl because

She is determined

She is passionate

She is dedicated

She is broken

She is in fixing

Every stride of the way


But she deserves love

So go for that girl

Take her by her hand

Let her know your actions are not ill intentioned

You can both just “be”

Show her love that is all encompassing


She pleads for you to go for that girl

So she has something to believe in again,


So run after that girl you see on Sunday mornings



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