Everyone’s eyes tell us a story

Read, but unwritten

A story only they can recite

That’s the beauty of it

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder


heart talk


She fell in love with all he was not

She fell in love with her hopes

Of what he may be for her

Not who he might be in and of himself

In that single moment,

She succumbed to her mind rather than her heart

For he lived only in her heart

And there, he may stay.


Yelps of a lost puppy echo loud

Cries of a baby lost in a crowd

Sorrow found within grooves of my heart

Whispers scorching my ears apart

As I become one with my own dark cloud

She told herself that life was breathtaking

Even in the pitch black

The stars spoke

Literary explosions

My god did she reach

Stretching into the ominous galaxy

Looking for a soul

Where no souls ventured

She was dancing through thunderstorms

That struck straight through her heart

She was swimming during tsunamis

That drowned her perpetually

She was flying through rainstorms

That weighed her down endlessly


But, she fought on

In acknowledgment that the world may be working against her

She pushed back

She wouldn’t let back

For she fights on

And that’s all that matter


baby’s breath

He will turn into yet another poem

Another word scrawled on my paper

Of the bittersweet thought of what could have been

Or should have been


He will become solely pixels left in my collection

Colorless pigments in my imagination

He floated on in my own cyberspace world

Unwanted and untouched


Just painful memories of us

Amounting to nothing

Yet he will be such a beautiful thread of words

Elegantly tangled


A magnificent graceful monster so he became

Knowing how to tap into my inner most secrets

Harnessing them at his own pleasure

Plucking each breathe I entrusted in him


Until it bloomed before him

A bundle of baby’s breath

My soul in the palm of his malicious hands


As he departed

I desperately hung on

As he had his way with each precious baby’s breath


Solidarity strikes

Lowering my head

The opposite direction I took

Swearing I’ll never allow for it again


Yet there before me, a single wasted baby’s breath

Lifeless beneath my step

The pathetic beautiful friend watered by a single drop


I sped around

Flower tightly grasped in my hand

On the same course as him

With my head held high

A newborn energy stirred within my soul

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