how life works itself out

Journal entry from: August 2, 2016

Wow. There is something to be said about synchronicity. The universe works in strange ways.

I got off the shuttle bus into the Liberia Airport. Previous to this I met a wonderful woman named Brittany*. She’s a principal at a school in New York. We got to talking. Then, the universe got involved and I was all in at this point. The talk we had was nothing short of enlightening. Topics surrounding the magic of listening to yourself, creativity, being aware of what’s going on around you. We spoke of love and all the conditions. Pre-assuming notions and alternate values attached to the concept.

She explained relationships as something she learned from a book – as a term people deemed stagnant in their life. When it’s rather just the contrary. Relationships are on-going, active and dynamic. People act as if it’s the end of a sentence basically. A period. No sentence thereafter. Closely related to “The End.”

This is where relationships tend to turn sour. People forget that work must continuously be done. It’s an on-going process. There aren’t solely sentences after that period – there are chapters on chapters on chapters.

As a society we quickly forget the “design” (as Brittany* called it) of a relationship MUST include communication and an understanding of where each person stands. In regards, to values, beliefs, the future, etc. Nowadays, we distract ourselves wasting time because we aren’t listening to our S.O.

She spoke of a fling she had on her visit. She is newly divorced – you go, girl! But, what she did it for me in that moment was highly relevant to all the stress I’m experiencing in my current love affair. It started off light-hearted, yet as everything progressed my expectations increased thereafter. Likewise, my anxiety.

She expressed how in her situation – the pair knew exactly what the next days would hold and the agreement was enough for both. I need to get myself more align with that perspective – going with the flow. Relaxing a bit. Due to this deep conversation, I decided to share my love for The Artist’s Way. We delved into creativity. By god, that woman is intelligent and full of wisdom. She’s one of those people that if you continue listening to her, you essentially become smarter.

So, anyway, bringing this back to synchronicity. I discussed with her how I’ve been stuck on Week 6 and can’t move past it. I know there is something to be said about the sudden halt. She encouraged me to go back and find out why because we know there is a reason.

“Recovering from a sense of abundance” is the chapter. Working through issues surrounding money. This is a current serious issue of mine, lack of money. How money limits us creatively and tells us we can’t do this, can’t do that. Being wealthy should not be a determinant of whether we are happy in our lives. Yet it always sneaks its way in, causing anxiety and stress.

So when I went back in the book and skimmed the chapter, I landed on the tasks that I previously wrote out months ago. I was actually stunned. Here’s what it said:

a.w tasks for the week
– Pick flowers
– Send 5 postcards
– Look out for rocks
– Move bedroom around
– Say yes to freebies!

In the days I was not dedicating time to The Artist’s Way, I technically had been without realizing it!

1. Every day in Costa Rica I would pick flowers off the ground and put them in my hair
2. In Montezuma, I picked out postcards and sent them to family & friends.
3. From the start of my trip, I began picking up rocks at the beach because they were painted crazy awesome colors!
4. I completely changed my room around before C.R. trip
5. The guy I previously mentioned, offered to buy me a plane ticket to visit him – generally, I wouldn’t let anyone do that, but I did (and it was first class…shoot!)

This is absolutely insane how life works in mysterious ways. So even though it took me a couple of months I’m over the 6-week hump and it’s time for me to start Week 7. I feel so refreshed.

I want to thank Brittany* for making me re-open the A.W and get back to it.

She held me accountable. Sometimes that’s all you need. A little push in the right direction and some faith that it’s all working out (even when you think it isn’t).


*name has been changed


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  1. There is synchronicity. I read your post and you mention The Artist’s Way. Someone else mentioned they were dong it again, several years after a workshop I led for them on The Artist’s Way. I had the idea of doing it again while I was reading your post. I’m going to be obedient to that inkling. Thank you.

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