Don’t forget, we’re all just stardust

We are all stardust.

We are easy to forget that life can be as simple as you make it or as complicated as you make it. I most certainly fall victim to the latter most days.

At an art market last week, I met an amazingly beautiful jewelry artist. She handed me a picture of the moon and stars with writing across it, we are all stardust. Her eyes met mine with ease and lightness. She smiled, and graciously enlightened me with a few meaningful words.

I think it’s so funny how everyone takes things so seriously. Don’t they realize what’s happening here? We are all on this crazy huge planet that is floating around the sun. How  insane!? We are all just floating stardust. Everyone gets all worked up for nothing, and take things so seriously. It’s funny to me.

We exchanged some laughs and bantered back in forth. It took a couple hours for what she said to really sink in. She has a point. For someone that struggles with anxiety and depression, this is something that I needed to hear.

Her reminder left me with a sense of lightness as I float through my days as a gust of sparkling stars: unafraid, and empowered. I thank her.




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