on love

does it arise like a leaf gently flowing down a stream or more like a strike from an avalanche freezing time in just seconds?


does it feel like blades of grass dancing in the wind or more like an earthquake shattering the earth beneath your feet?


does it sound like birds chirping quietly awakening you on a Sunday morn or more like thunderous bolts crashing above your head?


does it smell like a salty kiss against your lips from the ocean breeze or does it smell like nothing at all?


how it feels to find true love

a gaze permeates her eyes,

so deep it was unrecognized

this love was not ephemeral

it was quite plentiful, a rare chemical

pounding of a heartbeat unknown

affirming she no longer had to endure the world alone

not for even one more day

he appeared, wishing her troubles away

she nearly fell to the floor

unable to conceptualize su amor

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