How do you have it all figured out?

July 20, 2017  – 10:45am

I am doing something I do not generally do. I am writing this piece without having it all figured out.

A roadblock that is constantly appearing in my life is this “urge” to make sure all the puzzles pieces fit together perfectly before sharing myself with others.

It’s the perfect harmony to your favorite song. It’s like trying to catch the exact ebb and flow of a wave when surfing. It’s a coloring book filled with pictures that has no color outside the lines (almost impossible  – ask any mother of a toddler).

I think you get the picture, yeah? We can get close to perfect with time and diligent practice. Yet if we never share ourselves then there is no room for imperfection.

There is no space to improve, to grow, or for that matter – make mistakes. There is no time to color crazily outside the lines, get flipped and tumbled around by a wave, or scream at the top of your lungs.

I invite you to share yourself (unapologetically) and create the possibility to receive from others without judgment.

Accept what is by partaking in the beauty of who you are. Especially and most importantly when nothing is figured out.

love, lena xo


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