Escape Artist

Names of pure ecstasy

Whisper hauntingly

Temptations of attraction; deviltry


The magnetic pull

It takes me to bliss

It removes the lifeless lull


The worries are set free

As my body and soul fly

The clouds smother me


My breaths are newfound

Unimaginably sacred and pure

Visibly unbound


I rise to incredible heights

Letting go until the fade


And then the lull…

Waiting for the next escape


– she




She told herself that life was breathtaking

Even in the pitch black

The stars spoke

Literary explosions

My god did she reach

Stretching into the ominous galaxy

Looking for a soul

Where no souls ventured

She was dancing through thunderstorms

That struck straight through her heart

She was swimming during tsunamis

That drowned her perpetually

She was flying through rainstorms

That weighed her down endlessly


But, she fought on

Even with the world working against her

She pushed back

She wouldn’t let back

For she fights on

And that’s all that matter


– she




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